UPDATE (2/4/2021):

We are currently working on upgrading our website with better design features and accessibility. Please provide us with any feedback to what you would like to see on our upgraded website using this link: 

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Hello all. We hope you find the resources on this site useful for passing the first part intensive care medical examination.

We have included a complete set of answers to the SAQ questions. There is also a set of Anki cards which covers the entire physiology syllabus, resources on pharmacology as well as a bank of multiple choice questions which will be useful if you are sitting the new format.  If they are useful to you, please enjoy them and get in touch if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Our website is broadly divided into sections which can be accessed from the Menu above. These resources suffer the shortcomings of being written by humans under the not insignificant pressure of exams and life.  

If you find any issues with the detail, or want to contribute to the missing questions, please contact us. Please also get in touch with us if you are having any difficulties accessing any of the resources.


Again, good luck with the preparation, and best of luck with the exam.


The CICM Wrecks – Ben, Ken, Richard and JC.